Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Work

Photo: I drove the bookmobile to a local neighborhood today...does anyone else volunteer for the bookmobiles in your area?

To all of those people who say that teaching is an easy job AND we have the summers off can "talk to the hand"... lol!  Our job is never done.  We have a weekly book mobile that visits neighborhoods each week to get books in the hands of children who really need them. Our hope is that they will continue to read throughout the summer and will be fresh and ready to go when school starts up again in August.

We are also steadily working on lesson plans, graphic organizers, and integrating content areas in an effort to be extra prepared when the kiddos return.  In addition, our principal bought us all the book Pathways to the Common Core that we are to read over break. So far it's an easy, interesting read that you may want to check out.


Anonymous said...

It was amazing watching all of the kids running to the bookmobile to check out new books. :-)

Voigt said...

The kids LOVED seeing their teachers during the summer too...especially in their neighborhood!!