Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ordering Fractions!

One of the biggest changes in our curriculum this year involves fractions.  We are having to teach our 4th graders how to put fractions with different denominators in order. Wow! We decided the best way to do this is with a number line- actually, many number lines.  Through trial and error we discovered that the students should make a number line for each denominator before figuring out which is least or greatest.  We wanted to share with you how we did it so it can hopefully save you time when you get to this!
We gave each group of 3-4 students a number line to build. The number lines started with 1/2 and went all the way up to 1/12. We skipped 1/11- but we didn't need that one anyway!  The little papers attatched are pictures of each fraction.  The kids used graph paper to make these.  

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