Saturday, September 29, 2012

Talking, Teaching, and Moon Phases!


Geez Louise! We are already nearing the end of the first 9 weeks!  Where is the time going? We are plugging right along with this Common Core stuff- which is not as bad as we anticipated! The math has been the biggest challenge.  After a few times of being tutored (haha) we were able to teach our kiddos how to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits using two different methods: break apart method and using base ten blocks. We are currently working on finding the factors of numbers, as well as prime and composite numbers.  Finding factors has been the most challenging thing for our students to grasp so far. In fact, we recently uploaded a helpful file to Teachers Pay Teachers that can be used to teach finding factors with a rainbow method.  It's pretty cool.
TALKING... This has been the chattiest group of kids I have ever taught in 13 years! Seriously.  Not just a little chitter chatter here and there- we are talking con-stant-lyyyyy!  I'm seriously thinking about putting all the talkers at one table so they can drive themselves crazy!  I do have a few sweet, quiet babies who never say a word, but others make up for it!  Any ideas on how to get the talkers to stop saying everything that enters their 10 year old minds?  Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. :-)
We just finished up our Science unit on Moon Phases & Planets.  The kids had a blast with this unit- especially since we ended it with a trip to the planetarium.  Our newest lesson plans for that particular unit is also in our TPT store.  It includes lesson plans that work nicely with an interactive science notebook; it also includes a study guide, assessment, several different labs, vocabulary cards and an "I have, who has..." game.  If you teach moon phases or even planets you may want to check it out.  It's one of our best lessons... Well, I think it is anyway. 

Happy Teaching my fellow teachers!!!

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